Future Intelligence for Public Affairs

Public Affairs professionals use Zapaday to influence when it still makes a difference.

To influence, you plan weeks, months in advance. Are you influential when it matters? Zapaday offers comprehensive legislative and working group calendars with up-to-date overviews of all political meetings, events and voting sessions. You can sync all or part to your Outlook, Google-cal or smart phone. You can track a calendar and get alerts when the contents of a meeting change. Your team can annotate events and share notes and tasks.

News planning

News organisations offer new content and reduce cost with Zapaday World, Economy and Entertainment news calendars.

News forward planning is essential for many news organisations. And most news organisations specialize, to find a positioning that’s sustainable during and after the shake-out. With Zapaday you can add foresight to your news, improve forward planning and let your planning desk focus on (local/topic) niches. And you can monetize your forward planning: syndicate your news agenda to other news organisations, via Zapaday.

Competitive Intelligence: past or future?

Companies and NGO’s use Zapaday to monitor the future of their external environment.

Is your Competitive Intelligence about the past or the future? Zapaday enables you to turn your sight for strategic and tactical competitive intelligence on the future. Track future product launches, market events, operations, co-operation between competitors and partners. See what people expect about the future. Collaborate with your team and publish to decision makers.

Help your Board look ahead

Board members stay on top of key future events using the secure Zapaday smartphone calendar.

Can your board tell what news and events matter next week? Can you? With Zapaday your team can easily compile a comprehensive overview of all relevant future news and events. Your team can add notes about relevance, impact and preparations. You can share the result with one click so your Board can always access a shared view on the future.

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