Whether you’re a journalist, blogger, political analyst, planner, marketer, traveler, event organizer or art lover, Zapaday lets you plan ahead, get insights and save time.

Anyone and everyone

  • See tomorrows headlines
  • Get Calendar updates on your favorite topics
  • Sync calendars to your phone, outlook, google or company calendar
  • Track events and calendars

Journalists & news organisations

  • See what will be in the news next week
  • Work ahead on upcoming stories
  • Save time and money on maintaining your news agenda
  • Syndicate your national and niche news calendar via Zapaday

Public Affairs professionals

  • Influence when it matters
  • See all upcoming opportunities for communication
  • Track issues, topics and companies
  • Collaborate with your team on planning and communication

Marketeers and PR Professionals

  • Monitor future competitor activities
  • Find the best date for your product launches and campaigns
  • Announce your product launch

Event organizers

  • Find the best date for your events
  • Monitor your markets
  • Promote your events

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