These Terms of Use are an agreement between you and Zapaday regarding your use of content and services from, the Tomorrow application, Zapaday B.V. and any of its related websites and applications, to be called ‘Zapaday’. By using the service or content you are bound to these terms.


Zapaday offers an open and freely accessible news and calendar service. You can freely display all information obtained from Zapaday for your personal use.

If you display content from Zapaday you will mention as your source.

If you wish to display information from Zapaday on a commercial website or as a commercial service, you need a separate agreement with Zapaday. Please contact for inquiries.

In case you are uncertain whether or not your use is permissible, please contact Zapaday via


Zapaday offers news and events compiled by Zapaday and you.

Zapaday encourages you to edit and submit news and events. As an editor you act in accordance with our guidelines, as published on our site.


When you accept these terms of use you agree (opt-in) that Zapaday can send you updates by e-mail regarding its services, until you change this preference in your personal settings.

You may also receive other tracking, diary, status and reminder e-mails from Zapaday based on your settings.

Of course you can change your settings to receive no e-mails from Zapaday at all.

Changes to these Terms of Use

Zapaday shall have the right to modify these terms. Zapaday will publish the modified terms including a statement on the changes made, at least one week before the modifications will be effective.


5 January 2012

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