Zapaday offers dedicated tools for news organizations, corporate communication teams,
marketing teams and PR agencies.

PR and Lobby Calendar

for Public Affairs


Influence and communicate when it matters. Zapaday publishes PR and Lobby Calendars per country, each with a comprehensive view of relevant future events for your political and societal issues and media planning. See all opportunities. Let your team collaborate in one planning tool: get better results and avoid tedious research.

Each PR and Lobby Calendar offers:

  • Legislative calendars for main European countries, U.S.
  • European political calendar
  • Issue calendars on societal issues
  • Vertical/Sector calendars
  • A team dashboard for easy planning and collaboration
  • All free Zapaday calendars in one easy view



Get access to realtime information about the future, from all majors news sources and Twitter. Add mentions of future events to your calendars. Set-up alerts to spot relevant upcoming events.

Custom Calendars and Feeds


Let us research and curate your custom future intelligence. Delivered and maintained in any format.

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