You can see the future if you know where to look

Zapaday assures you:

  • are always on top of upcoming news and events
  • know what will happen in your industry
  • and your team can plan ahead

Zapaday monitors 24/7 more than 250.000 sources for upcoming news and events in a broad range of areas. Our dedicated team of editors and journalists cover everything from political to industry specific news, events, symposia, congresses, publications, fairs etc. For an overview of the fields we cover look at our Calendar store

Zapaday is made for

PR / PA offices




Corporate Communication

Public Relations / Public Affairs


Strategy teams

Zapaday's Services

Depending on your needs we offer flexible services from monitoring the news, to creating a shared news and events calendar to strategic monitoring of topics and issues.

Newsroom, Editorial Planning; is the place to stay ahead on various topics. Enterprise, Communication Calendar; is the place to get your organization and teams organized and ahead of all internal and external news.

FutureScan, Strategic Monitoring; Assures your organization monitors continuously hot topics in your organization from over 250.000 sources.

Zapaday's Customer base

Consist of more than 400 Media Companies and Multinationals who don’t want to miss any opportunities and threats. They all combine the urge to get organized and want to react proactively. They assure that their teams get aligned with internal and external news and events.