Mon 20 09:30 to Wed 22 Mar 2017 16:00 (Mon 20 04:30 to Wed 22 Mar 2017 11:00 America/Kentucky/Monticello)

ICC holds trial hearing in Dominic Ongwen case

The International Criminal Court holds a trial hearing in the case of The Prosecutor v. Dominic Ongwen. 
On 21 December 2015, the Prosecutor charged Dominic Ongwen with crimes in addition to those set out in the warrant of arrest: a total of seventy counts. The additional charges related to attacks on the Pajule IDP camp, the Odek IDP camp and the Abok IDP camp. The counts brought against the suspect in the context of these attacks include attacks against the civilian population, murder, attempted murder, torture, cruel treatment, other inhumane acts, enslavement, outrages upon personal dignity, pillaging, destruction of property, and persecution. The expanded charges against Dominic Ongwen also include sexual and gender-based crimes committed from 2002 to 2005 in Sinia Brigade – forced marriage, rape, torture, sexual slavery, and enslavement – and the conscription and use of children under the age of 15 to participate actively in hostilities from 2002 to 2005, in Sinia Brigade.

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