Mon 20 Mar 2017

US Rapper Kodak Black has continuation hearing

  • By Rhianna.Patel
  • Last Update: 19 weeks ago
  • Broward County, Florida, United States

US Rapper Kodak Black is set to have his continuation hearing as he remains in custody. He was taken into custody in late February for violating the terms of his house arrest, as he attended a strip club and a boxing event without approval from his probation officer and then proceeded to not attend his anger management course.

His original charges included robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm which could have led up to 55 years in prison but he was given a years house arrest and five years probation as a plea deal.

His recent song 'Tunnel Vision' had reached numberĀ 4 on the top 100 and he is set to release an album at the end of the month.

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