Fri 21 Jun 2013

Canadian National Aboriginal Day

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National Aboriginal Day is a Canadian national day (first acclaimed in 1996) celebrating diversity in culture, unique heritage and the achievements of the aboriginal people.

There are over three different aboriginal groups in Canada; the Inuit, Metis and First Nations.

The Inuit, recognized as a separate aboriginal group in 1982, live predominantly in the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic regions which they call Inuit Nunangat.

The Metis Aboriginal Groups descend from mixed European and First Nation parentage. At first it was a general term, but later on the culture of the Metis became very distinct from the First Nations culture.

The First Nations Group are the aboriginal people who are neither Inuit or Metis. The name includes all other indigenous people in Canada exept the two other groups. First Nations people call themselves usually by their original tribe name, to express the diversity within the First Nations.

National Aboriginal Day gives 'ordinary' people a chance to get better acquainted with the Aboriginal culture and traditions, and their contribution towards Canadian society and development, while the Aboriginal People get a chance to showcase their cultures and achievements.

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