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Tue 4 Jun 2013

Intel's power-saving 'Haswell' chip

  • By MichaelDarmanin and 1 other
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Taipei, T'ai-pei Shih, Taiwan

Intel reveals the latest power-saving microprocessor code-named 'Haswell' at Computex , in Taipei.

The chip is expected to use 20 times less battery power on standby mode without compromising computer performance. Integrated into Apple Mac Ultrabooks, we could witness an extended lifetime of up to 10 hours on battery standby.

This processor is just one of many advances the industry is taking to work towards technologies that are 'always-on-always-connected'. - Intel releases updated Haswell CPU roadmaps to production pa on 1970-01-01 - Intel confirms 'Haswell' chip intro at Computex on 1970-01-01

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