Fri 4 to Sat 5 Oct 2013 unconfirmed

Global Irish Economic Forum

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  • Dublin Castle

The inaugural Global Irish Economic Forum was first held at the Farmleigh Estate, Dublin from 18-20 September 2009. The Forum is organized and managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Forum is convened with two broad objectives: to explore how the Irish at home and abroad, and those with a strong interest in Ireland, could work together and contribute to our overall efforts at economic recovery; and to examine ways in which Ireland and its global community could develop a more strategic relationship with each other, particularly in the economic sector.

The GIE Forum is a unique event that brings together for the first time the most influential members of the global Irish community and is marked by considerable enthusiasm among participants and a strong willingness to support and assist, as appropriate, in building a successful future for Ireland.

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