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Wed 10 Dec 2014

TIME's Person of the Year

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TIME magazine publishes a special issue featuring the most influential person, group, idea or object of the past twelve months. 

The annual tradition started in 1927, when editors where contemplating a particularly slow news week. They were also trying to make up for an editorial embarassment from earlier that year, when they neglected to place aviator Charles Lindbergh on the magazine cover following his historic trans-atlantic flight. Consequently, Lindbergh was the first to receive the recognition. 

The weekly magazine has repeatedly argued that the designation of the title and cover is reserved for those who have done the most to influence the events of the past year, "for better or worse." 

Previous individuals to feature include Mahatma Ghandi, Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama. 

Originally known as the 'Man of the Year' edition, this was changed to 'Person of the Year' since 1999. 

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