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Wed 18 Jul 2012

Nelson Mandela celebrates 94th birthday

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This year's International Nelson Mandela day marks post-apartheid South Africa’s first democratically elected president's 94th birthday. 

Since 2009, following the success of Mandela's 90th birthday celebrations in London's Hyde Park in June 2008, people all over the world have been asked to celebrate his birthday in a way that will help others.

The International Nelson Mandela Day calls for 67 minutes of their time to charities or community service as a tribute to Mandela’s 67 year long fight for the rights of humanity. This call to action by individuals aims to change the world one step at a time.

Hundreds of South African's recorded a "Happy Birthday" song for their 'Tata Madiba' in an effort to motivate people around the world to salute the anti-apartheid icon and break the world record for the highest number of people celebrating Mandela's birthday. 

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Wed 18 Jul 2012