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Thu 2 May 2013

Anniversary Killing of Osama Bin Laden

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  • Pakistan

May 2 is the date the US forces killed Osama Bin Laden, the man who lead the Al Qaeda group, which stood behind September 11 attacks.

On May 2 2011, a Navy SEAL team of the US army conducted a sensitive military mission to a compound in the city of Obbottabat, about 100 kilometers north of Pakistan's capital Islamabad, that eliminated America's number one terrorist target.

In the last months leading to the raid, the CIA gathered enough credible and valuable information about the whereabouts of Bin Laden that Obama gave the command to begin with the operation under the code name Geronimo.

Transported by 4 helicopters, the special forces entered the designated compound around 11 PM local time. When invading the compound, they got involved in a fire exhange, resulting in a headshot and eventual killing of bin Laden along with two of his bodyguards. A woman who was present at the place was shot in the leg and is allegedly said to be the wife of Bin Laden.

When the news of Bin Laden's death reached the US, hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House in Washington and at Times Square in New York City to celebrate the historic event.

Survivors of the September 11 attacks saw what was promised to them ten years ago, by the Bush administration, realised: the capture and killing of the man who changed the course of US history.

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