Thu 21 Mar 2013

Internatioanl Nowruz Festival

The Nowruz World Festival celebrates the 'spring of humanity', which aims to deliver the hope that monotheism, justice and love would prevail in the world. 

The festival is an opportunity for strengthening the cooperation among the countries of the  Nowruz civilization. In this spirit, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari visits Turkmenistan, hoping to promote multilateral ties with the Central Asian Republics that have deep historical, religious and cultural relations with Pakistan. 

According to the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Nowruz ceremony is a noticeable culture among neighboring countries and this is a suitable opportunity for brining nations closer to each other and establishing further links among the governments of the region."

The program of the event includes the official opening ceremony of new solar year,  Shahnameh  recitemet, handicrafts pavilions exhibition and an exposition of local ceremonies of countries participating in the festival.

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