Tue 6 May 2014

Anniversary of murder of Dutch politician Fortuyn

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On May 6, 2002, one of the most flamboyant figures in the history of Dutch politics was murdered by a left radical environmental activist on a parking lot at the Media Park in Hilversum.

Fortuyn participated with his own founded party ‘Lijst Pim Fortuyn’ for the parliamentary elections which was to be held in May 15, 2002.

'Lijst Pim Fortyn' was the undisputed favorite at the mid-term polls to become the biggest party and therefore Fortuyn was the prime candidate for the post as Prime Minister of the Netherlands. With his elegant and accessible appearances in public, he knew to captivate Dutch voters and to distinguish himself from the established order and rather dull Hague politicians of that time.

The phenomenon Fortuyn rose further for his outspoken opinions, something that was quite rare in Dutch politics at that time, on topics like immigration, asylum and his view on the growing islamization of Dutch society.

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