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Mon 17 to Tue 18 Jun 2013

Syria, US-Russia relations likely to outshine tax on G8 agenda

A Northern Irish resort is set to host the G8 Summit, an annual meeting of world's largest economies.

The G8 summit brings together leaders of the US, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and Italy. Its objective is to resolve differences between the G8 members as well as promote further fruitful cooperation. 

The leaders at the summit discuss global issues such as energy, food security, health, terrorism and the environment.

Even though the event is to center around tax avoidance, the conflict in Syria and recent areas of dispute between Russia and the US are likely to play a central role in the talks. - U.S.-Russia relations tied to the G8 summit agenda on 1970-01-01

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Mon 17 to Tue 18 Jun 2013