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Fri 25 Apr 2014

North Korea marks Military Foundation Day

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  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

North Korea commemorate its Military Foundation Day, the day when the Korean People's Army (KPA) was established.

The North Korean army consists of Air Ground Corps, Navy, Air Force, Special Operation Forces and an artillery guidance bureau, with over 1 million active and another 8 million reserve personnel.

Officially known as the DPR Korea, the communist state is known to allocate some $6 billion in funds towards the maintenance and growth of the KPA.

Conscription into the KPA starts at the age of 17 for both men and women, who remain in service for a total of 10 years, fulfilling duties at farms and factories when not engaged in military training. 

Although founded on February 8, 1948, KPA National Foundation Day is believed to have been officially established on April 25 1932 in recognition of anti-Japanese guerrilla efforts by late Kim Il-sung during the 'Mukden Incident'.

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