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Wed 28 Aug 2013

20,000 people participate in tomato-throwing Festival 'La Tomatina'

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  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Buñol, Valencia, Spain

Tomatina is an annual 'tomato throwing' event held in the Spanish town of Bunol, situated 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.

The event traces its origins back to 1945 when a small group of people began throwing tomatoes during a, 'Gigantes y cabezudos' parade.

Gigantes y cabezudos forms part of many Spanish festivals where decorated giants made of paper-mache are carried about during the parade; often themed to fit each festival.

The small tomato-throwing outbreak has since become a festival of its own with over 150,000 tomatoes spent each year usually weighing around 40 metric tonnes in total.  

The 2013 edition of La Tomatina is a ticket-only event. A maximum of 20,000 ticket-holders will be able to participate after paying a fee of 10 euros.

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