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World Political Forum

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  • Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

     Ideologies which shaped the last century seem incapable for solving new challenges of our constantly changing world. They no longer provide a viable solution in our new age of global competition, innovated technological advance, women’s invaluable role in both society and business, new environmental threats and wide spread demands for more balanced global order. Economic and political crisis that we experienced in last decade indicated that, institutions which govern political, economic and social spheres should adopt a new approach to the global issues. The need for this new approach will come to life in World Political Forum, which determined to constitute a diversified speaker list that consist of government officials, academicians, scientists, businessmen/businesswomen, to exchange views on global issues.

     World Political Forum believes that cultural diversity, which exists between civilizations, is not the obstacle for solutions, but should be seen as the richness which could be the foundation of “A New and Righteous World Order”, which is also the theme of World Political Forum 2013.

     Istanbul, by its geographical position, is a bridge between Europe and Asia, and this geographical significance reflected on its capability of bringing civilizations together. A forum, which believes in cultural diversity, should unite the people in a city, which since ancient times has brought together cultures and civilizations.   

     World Political Forum aims to give voice to different views on global issues, by inviting speakers from different places of the globe without any prejudice, and most importantly with independency from all kinds of political organizations. 

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