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Fri 6 Sep 2013

Assange runs for Australian Senate while still in exile

Julian Assange stands as a candidate in the Australian Senate elections representing a yet-to-be-formed Wikileaks party.  

The move was announced on Wikileaks' official Twitter page, which also stated that if Assange won't be able to represent his party in the Senate, the slot will be filled by a "running mate".

The founder of the controversial site Wikileaks stands a high chance of taking a seat in the Australian Parliament according to a national poll conducted in the first half of 2012.

The poll showed that more than 25% of Australians would vote for Assange should he remain persistent on making the move.

The vote included 27% by Labor and 23% by conservatives who find him a suitable candidate to Parliament. The survey consisted of a 1000 total voters.

If successful, he will gain affirmation into a 76 seat Senate which forms part of the Parliament of Australia involved in national politics and related decision making affecting the nation's interests.

Wikileaks is a non-profit organization that aspires towards openness of information and democracy by revealing classified information withheld by organizations worldwide through the use of insider sources.

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