Sun 11 Aug 2013

Teen Choice Awards

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  • United States

Young people ages 13 to 19 can vote on their favourite actors, fashionistas, sports athletes and singers for the Teen Choice Awards. 

This event, airing on the FOX Network in the United States, takes place every year at the Gibson Amphitheatre in California's Universal City.

Teenagers vote online on the official website to determine the winners for each of the categories available. The awards themselves reflect teenager interests, with prizes for best breakup song within the music category or best reality show within the television category. The movie category awards include best villain and best kiss. 

Winners receive genuine custom made surfboards, each costing over $800 to manufacture. Each year the surfboards are decorated with a new original design. 

The surfboard was chosen as the symbol for these awards because it represents the freedom teenagers experience during summer vacations.  

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