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Mon 1 Jul to Mon 30 Sep 2013

Burgas sand sculptures festival

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  • Burgas, Oblast Burgas, Bulgaria

The popular even amongst the ancient Egyptian's, art of building sand sculptures, gathers tourist to the annual Burgas festival.

This is the first of a kind festival in Bulgaria. It was established in 2008 and for its beginning months it managed to attract more than 15.000 people.

Worldwide famous artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Ireland, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria participate every year.

The exhibition is being organised on the ground of Burgas Park Lake in the Sea Garden.

The sculptures consisting of nearly 2500 tons of special, sustained rain of sand and provided with special security and unique lighting include  sea creatures, pirates, people, castles, towers, film characters such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and more.

Some of the masterpieces are over 8 metres tall.

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