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Welcome to Purgatory

Imagine you are dead, and you wake up in Purgatory to find that Heaven and Hell have both been destroyed, with scattered portions of Paradise and Hell all over Purgatory. This is Purgatory, which follows 5 characters - Taylor, Danni, Willis, Guardian Paul, and Nina - as they navigate this fresh vision of the Afterlife. They find Limbo in the state it's in because in the on-going war between Good and Evil, a disillusioned Angel in Heaven compromises the security of Heaven. After a group of fallen Angels attack, Heaven is destroyed. Archangel Raphael - protector of Heaven - makes it his personal mission to destroy Hell, which he promptly does. Heaven and Hell are now both destroyed, letting loose all the Angels, Saints, souls, Demons, hellish and heavenly creatures to run free within the middle-ground. With Purgatory being in such disarray, our 5 main characters go in search of the elusive Holy Temple... Written by Marquella Productions

Countries credited for this film as originating countries: United Kingdom, United States

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