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Blood of the Nation

A dramatic and very real war film set in Germany 1945 the former German officer HANS and his wife ANNA both of Jewish decent, Hans was dismissed from the army and both sent to a labor camp. When Himmler ordered that all Germans of Jewish decent in custody should be executed before they could be liberated by the Russian Army, thus the couple escape, and seeks out her family and their son hiding with her parents During their escape Hans dawns the uniform of a dead German Major killed in an air raid to aid their escape. Now united with their family he is however called into service believed to be the dead major and now have to fight against the approaching Russian army. While away the local SS leader GEPHARD is actively rounding up everybody behind the lines without papers or remaining Jews and all others he suspects of anti Nazi behavior, and leads them to be executed, this includes Anna and her family... Written by Tino Struckmann

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