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Financial Times promotes Bulgarian investments

  • By Gerry
  • Last Update: 3 years ago
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The famous business paper Financial Times (FT) helps Bulgaria promote investment opportunities in the country.

The Bulgarian Investment Agency (BAI) plans to use the prestigious FT name to popularise its businesses and add some credibility behind its brands.

The strategy is to hold a total of 12 events including three large-scale conferences, nine round table-one conference and three round tables for each of the 3 continents.   

The campaign also involves trips to the US, Japan, China, Russia and Belgium, where a different sector of the Bulgarian economy will be presented each time by local businessmen.

After the summer break, the Bulgarian parliament is expected to pass the amendments to the Encouragement of Investments Act. The changes will provide extra support by the government for investments that are expected to result in new job openings.

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