Sat 13 Apr 2013

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum opens after 10-year long renovation

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  • Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum re-opens following a 10-year long renovation campaign that, according to its general director Wim Pijbes, is set to bring the museum "completely in step with the 21st century".

During the decade of closure the main building of the museum has undergone a complete overhaul. The main new feature is a newly built pavilion surrounded by water. 

The project, whose costs are evaluated at €375m, was set to be completed in 2008. However, due to extensive works that included clearing up the site following the discovery of asbestos and redirecting a bike path along the main building, the grand opening had to be postponed. 

Despite the fact that the museum's collection of over 8000 paintings and art objects has been reshuffled, Rembrandt's famous The Night Watch has been kept in its original place.

The Museum, located at Museumplein, was first opened in 1885 and was designed by Pierre Cuypers.

On 18 March 2013 the museum closes for four weeks to prepare for the grand opening.

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