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Thu 22 Aug 2013

China's disgraced politician Bo Xilai faces trial over corruption, abuse of power

  • By Maja Micudova
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Jinan, Shandong Sheng, People's Republic of China

Fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai faces a trial over bribery, abuse of power and corruption charges. The trial, which is seen as a test for new President Xi Jinping's commitment to combat corruption, will conclude the biggest scandal China has witnessed in decades. 

Prosecutors formally indicted Bo on July 25 in the eastern city of Jinan in Shandong province.

Bo's wife was accused of the November 2011 murder of British business consultant Neil Heywood, who had been close to the Bo family since the mid 1990s. Gu Kailai was convicted of Haywood's murder in a  trial  that lasted one day. She was given a suspended death sentence.

Bo, who has not been seen in public for months, has been accused of bending the law to cover up the murder. In early October, he was handed over for criminal investigation after the Communist Party formally claimed that he "abused his powers of office, committed serious errors and bears a major responsibility".

The trial of the former secretary of the Communist Party's Chongqing brand follows the trial of Wang Lijun , Bo's former right-hand, who was charged with defection, abuse of power and bribe-taking. 

Wang triggered the entire scandal around the prominent politician and his wife by briefly fleeing to a US consulate in February 2012, four days after he had been removed from his position. - Trial of China's Bo Xilai opens next week, says Beijing-back on 2013-01-25 - Trial of China's Bo not being held Monday - court official on 2013-01-27 - China charges disgraced politician Bo Xilai with corruption on 2013-07-25

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