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Hugo Chavez inaugurated after postponement

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Hugo Chavez is formally sworn in as Venezuelan president after he was re-elected for a fourth consecutive term on October 7, 2012. 

Chavez was initially scheduled to be inaugurated on January 10, the date on which the Venezuelan constitution says that a president must be sworn in.

However, the leader announced he was unable to return to office on that date due to complications arisen from a lung infection he suffered after receiving cancer surgery.

Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said the president was invoking a provision in the constitution that would allow him to be sworn in on a "later date". 

Legislators voted in favour of allowing Chavez as much time as he needs to recover before being inaugurated.

Several foreign leaders  pledged to visit Venezuela on January 10 to show their support for the ailing president.

Chavez's re-election has given him another six years to continue his "Bolivarian revolution" towards socialism.

Since 1999, when he was first elected, Chavez has nationalized key sectors in Venezuela's economy, including oil production. As Venezuela is a major oil producer, high oil prices allowed Chavez's government to finance healthcare, education programs and social housing.

After his re-election, Chavez did not only promise to continue implementing his program but vowed to become a "better president," taking into consideration those who did not agree with his policies. 

"I commit to being a better president than I've been these past few years," the socialist president said after the results were announced. 

Chavez defeated his 2012 presidential elections rival Henrique Capriles with fifty-four percent of the votes. - Hugo Chavez celebrates re-election in Venezuela

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