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Britain withdraws 3,800 troops from Afghanistan

Britain withdraws 3,800 troops from Afghanistan ahead of the end of NATO's ISAF mission in 2014.

The troop pullout follows a reduction of British soldiers by 500 before Christmas. As a result of both moves, almost half of the British force of 9,500 serving in Helmand province is cut.

Prime Minister David Cameron decided to withdraw 3,800 troops after his hour-long video conference with US President Barack Obama in mid December.

Cameron and Obama allegedly agreed that NATO's strategy to pull out combat troops was "on track". They also shared a commitment towards strengthening the political process in Afghanistan, particularly in supporting the country's cooperation with its neighbors to improve the Afghanistan's stability.

In 2014, more troops are scheduled to leave  Afghanistan, as stated by Cameron during his visit to Camp Bastion in Helmland province in July 2012. The British have started their military operations in the country in 2001.

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