Tue 1 Jan to Tue 31 Dec 2013 unconfirmed

Tracking system put in place for Guatemalan police

A new initiative by the Guatemalan government installs police officers with tracking devices. 

The tracking chips, placed on the backside of policemen's identity badges, will record information about the officers' whereabouts and their daily activities. 

These measures are meant to promote discipline within bodies of law enforcement, especially since many officers have been accused over the years of engaging in, or complying with, delinquent activities.

Given all the known cases of corruption, the civilian level of trust in their police force is not very high. The Minister of Interior, Mauricio López, explains that one objective is to re-establish citizens' trust for law enforcement institutions and officers. 

Guatemala has approximately 24,000 serving police officers, safeguarding a population of over 14 million citizens. 

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