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Mon 5 Nov 2012

Obama holds rallies with Springsteen, Jay-Z one day before elections

  • By Yafit Lazar
  • Last Update: 5 years ago
  • United States

US President Barack Obama is set to make his final push in a few of the main battlegound states but not alone. He will be joined by two of the nation's most popular singers, Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z.

The last day of the campaign will start in Madison, Wisconsin, where Obama will be joined by Springsteen, who will give the crowd a song or two in return for votes. The two will later travel to Columbus, Ohio, where they will hold another event with rapper Jay-Z.

At the end of the day, Obama, Springsteen and Jay-Z will travel to Des Moines, Iowa, for theĀ  last event of the campaign. At Des Moines, the president will reunite with his wife Michelle Obama, who is expected to spend most of the day in North Carolina , campaigning for her husband.

After the long day, the Obamas are expected to head back to Chicago, where they stay on Election Day .

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