Sat 1 Dec 2012 to Tue 30 Apr 2013

Canada to allow civil nuclear trade with India

Canada is set to give the green light for civil nuclear trade with India. It thereby allows its firms to export uranium and nuclear reactors to the South Asian country for the first time in nearly forty years.  

The move will put an end to a penalty Canada imposed on India in 1976, following the secret explosion of the country's first nuclear bomb, commonly known as "Smiling Buddha". The bomb used material from a Canadian-built nuclear reactor in India. 

"Being able to resolve these issues and move forward is, we believe, a really important economic opportunity for an important Canadian industry, part of the energy industry, that should pay dividends in terms of jobs and growth for Canadians down the road," said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a visit to New Delhi in November 2012. 

Australia, one of Canada's competitors in the uranium sector, has also been moving towards easening the way for the sale of uranium to India.

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