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Zimbabwe government to sue De Beers

  • By Eva HS
  • Last Update: 5 years ago
  • Zimbabwe

The government is set to sue South African mining giant De Beers for violating Zimbabwe's Minerals Act.

The announcement came a day after campaign group Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) revealed that at least $2bn worth of diamonds had been stolen from the lucrative mining fields of Marange, enriching Zimambwean officials, gem dealers and criminals.

According to legal experts, De Beers looted over billions of dollars worth of diamonds from the Marange fields. For fifteen years, the diamond firm has held a presence in the region under the pretext of an exploration exercise. 

During 1995 and 2005, however, over 100,000 tonnes of the precious gems were transported overseas to Europe and the US. 

Mines and Mining Development Minister Ober Mpofu said the company would be sued as soon as enough evidence had been collected. "De Beers has to answer before the courts", he said, "because these are the same players that have been soiling Zimbabwe's gems on the international market". 

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