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Sat 2 Feb 2013

Egyptian football Premier League season kicks off despite violence

The Egyptian Premier League season is set to begin despite recent violence in Port Said.

Reports said that fans of local club Al Masry and some Port Said University students, who were believed to be supporters of Al Ahly, clashed on December 2. However, the league decided to still open the league despite news about dozens of wounded in the clashes.

The opening of the league, which has been suspended since February 2012, saw several delays since September.

But Egyptian sports minister Al Amry Farouk has confirmed that despite the latest incident of trouble the new opening date will not be changed.

All domestic football matches were suspended after dozens of football fans died in clashes between rivals teams in Port Said Stadium. According to several reports, the number of teams in the league will be reduced to lower the attendance levels.

The decision to start the new season was made after a meeting between Sports Minister El-Amry Farouk and Interior Minister Ahmed Gamaleddin in November.

"The Egyptian Premier League season will start soon," Sports Minister Farouk told reporters after the meeting with the interior minister.

They also revealed they are considering splitting the league in two groups, similar to the system adopted in Tunisia.

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