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Mon 25 Feb 2013

EU and Ukraine to hold summit

  • By Yafit Lazar and 1 other
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Brussels, RĂ©gion de Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium

The EU-Ukraine summit is held despite reports about cooling relations between the sides. Reports of the damaged relations were supported by the fact that the date of the summit was repeatedly postponed.

The director of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry information policy department Oleh Voloshyn spoke about the importance of the summit.

"The summit is not just a meeting of the president with EU officials. It is a real dialogue at the level of heads of states, and a discussion of the whole range of relations," he said.

"Another question is what are we going to discuss at this summit, what agreements will be signed, and whether they will be signed at all," he added.

The imprisonment of Ukraine's former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has damaged the relations between the two sides. The European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton has warned Ukraine that the ratification process of the Association Agreement "will face problems if there is no reversal in the approach of Ukrainian authorities," especially concerning the treatment of Tymoshenko.

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