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Church of England may take steps to consecrate women bishops

  • By Yafit Lazar
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • United Kingdom

Following the defeat of legislation to introduce the first women bishops, the Church of England is expected to take steps to consecrate women bishops.

According to an internal document written by William Fittall, one of the church's most senior staff, the steps should lead to a vote by 2015. If the church fails to tackle the issue, it will risk the matter being taken out of its hands by Parliament.

In the document leaked to The Times, Fittall outlines a plan that would lead to simpler legislation, such as a clause to consecrate women bishops with no provision for opponents, being put to the General Synod.

The legislation to introduce women bishops failed to pass even though more than seven in 10 synod members voted in favour of approval.

After the legislation failed, Tony Baldry, the MP who represents the Church of England in the House of Commons, said that a fresh attempt to allow women to become bishops should take place "as soon as possible." Such sense of urgency prompted several clergymen and politician to meet in search for a solution to the situation which could easily escalate to what Fittall called a "major constitutional crisis" in Church-state relations.

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