Somewhere between Fri 1 and Sun 31 Mar 2013

First round of British Airways job cuts takes effect

The first round of job cuts at British Airways is set to take effect, with senior cabin crew members facing the bulk of redundancies. 

A 90-day consultation with the Unite Union began in December to consider making voluntary redundancy available to 400 cabin crew staff. 

The airline emphasised that the scheme would operate solely on a voluntary basis and that no compulsory redundancies would be imposed. 

Those senior cabin crew workers who work exclusively on either long-haul or short-haul flights will be offered the package. However, workers who are categorised as the mixed fleet, who work on both services, are not included in the deal.

The airline, which has around 14,000 cabin crew staff in total, was hit by a series of employee strikes over pay, staffing levels and the removal of travel concessions.

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