Mon 4 to Fri 8 Feb 2013

Spanish students protest against austerity

Spanish students stage a weeklong general strike against budget cuts in the education system. 

The strike follows earlier protests on December 13 against what the State Platform for the Defense of Public Schools has called the "attacks" against education.

In accordance with the budget for 2013, university funding is to be cut by 18 per cent and research funding will be slashed by 80 per cent. The striking parties say the draconic measures will result in"irreparable deterioration" of Spanish schools and universities.

General secretary of the students union Tohil Delgado calls the strike an act of resistance against an "authoritarian" government that fails to listen to millions of teachers, parents and students.  

"Our youth will not allow them to dismantle our rights and be condemned to a future of unemployment and a precarious labour market", Delgado said. 

Spain suffers from one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Europe at a rate of 50 per cent.

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