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MediaTek releases new quad-core chip for smartphones

MediaTek introduces their new quad-core processor, the MT6589. The system-on-a-chip is found within smartphones that are commercially available as of the first quarter of 2013.

According to the Taiwanese company, it is the first multi-core processor of its kind to integrate a modem capable of supporting HSPA+ and other international standards.  

MediaTek's processor is based on the same design used for Qualcomm's upcoming quad-core S4 processors. However, Qualcomm's processors are not expected to be commercially available until later in the year. 

Although MediaTek is known for their work with low-end android devices, they are hoping to break into the market for more high-end smartphones. 

Multi-core processors are in higher demand as smartphones integrate more programs. MediaTek argues that while their design may not deliver the most pristine performance, their product offers advantages in terms of longer-lasting power, which means that its chips can operate using all four cores for longer periods of time. 

The MT6589 supports 1080p 30fps/30fps video playback and recording, with a 1,920x1,080 resolution display and includes a 13MP camera. 

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