Mon 25 to Thu 28 Feb 2013

Russian Yota presents smartphone with second e-ink screen

Russian mobile company Yota plans to unveil a new double-screen smartphone at the World Mobile Congress. 

The 4G Android device is said to be composed of two screens placed on opposite sides, each measuring 4.3 inches. One is a regular color LCD screen, while the other screen uses e-ink technology, such as that used for e-book readers. 

Although E-ink displays are easier to read under bright lights than LCD screens, their slower refresh rates makes e-ink screens unsuitable for watching videos or playing games. 

Yota's idea is for users to perform different tasks on each screen. The company explains that the second e-ink screen retains its latest display without wasting battery life, as it only uses power when the image needs to be refreshed. 

According to Yota's Chief Executive, Vlad Martynov, the modern tech-consumer has increasing needs for a second screen display. However, industry watchers and analysts seem unconvinced that the device will be popular in Western markets. 

Yota plans to make the smartphone commercially available before the end of 2013.  

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