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Sun 23 Dec 2012

Supreme Council decides top prosecutor's fate

  • By Mohammed Sheriff and 1 other
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Cairo, Muḩāfaz̧at al Qāhirah, Egypt

The Supreme Judicial Council is to examine the position of Egypt's prosecutor general Talaat Ibrahim Abdullah, who retracted his offer to resign over the discontent against his appointment.

The review will take place after the country has voted in the second round of a  referendum  on a draft constitution proposed by President Morsi's ruling party.

A protest by hundreds of prosecutors at the High Court in Cairo led Abdullah to offer his resignation earlier, amid claims that his appointment by the president was a breach of the separation of powers. 

Two days later, however, he withdrew the offer, stating that it would now be left to the justice minister to decide as to whether he can maintain his contentious post.

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