Somewhere between Tue 1 Jan and Sun 31 Mar 2013

Egyptian opposition to form united party

Egypt's opposition forms a united political party to challenge Islamists following the defeat in the constitutional referendum held in December 2012. The second and final round of the vote saw some 63 percent of voters backing the new charter.

The opposition National Salvation Front has claimed that the new draft constitution favors Islamists and urged the election commission to investigate "irregularities," citing fraud. The members of the Front pledged to keep up the pressure on the country's President Mohamed Morsi. 

"The Front is very cohesive and the Front is in agreement that it will lead all battles together," Mohamed Abul Ghar, head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, told a news conference after the referendum. "Not only that, but the parties inside the Front have taken advanced steps to form a big party inside the Front," the leading member of the Front added. 

"The revolution continues and we will resist with all peaceful means to bring down this unjust constitution," said George Ishak, another Front figure.

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