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Yemeni Gen. Saleh likely given senior post after army overhaul

A powerful Yemeni army official Brigadier General Ahmed Saleh, who lost his position in a military reshuffle on December 19, 2012, may be given another senior position in the country's armed forces. 

Ahmed Saleh, a political rival of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, is expected to be named the commander of a military region. 

In an effort to unify the country's army, which is divided between allies and foes of former president and Ahmed Saleh's father, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Hadi issued decrees restructuring the military into four main units and disbanding the Republican Guard. 

The military overhaul, which is a part of internationally backed plan to restore stability in Yemen, was not opposed by Ahmed Saleh, who agreed to give up his missiles a day after the decrees were issued. The reshuffle has been widely seen as an attempt to reduce Saleh family's influence in the military.

The US and its Gulf allies consider restoring security in the conflict-torn Yemen a priority as they seek to eliminate potential threat to oil export giant Saudi Arabia as well as to the nearby shipping lanes.

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