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India to publish sex criminals' personal details

The Indian government is set to publish the details of thousands of convicted sex offenders as part of a bold response to claims that it was out of touch with the country's rapidly changing society. The details will include  names, addresses and photographs.

The controversial decision has raised concerns among some groups, who worry that publicly naming offenders may encourage vigilante attacks. 

Other voices have backed the move, including the director of Delhi's Centre for Social Research, Ranjana Kumari.

"This will make sure the rapist is shamed. He won't get a job, or somewhere to live and will be cut off from society. This is a powerful deterrent," Kumari said.

The measure, which was announced by Home affairs minister RPN Singh, will begin in Delhi, the city in which a physiotherapy student was gang-raped on a bus for an hour and suffered major injuries.

The event, which received special attention in the local and international media, led to outrage and widespread demonstrations throughout the country. A rapid trial was also set to bring calm to the streets of India.

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