Somewhere between Fri 1 and Thu 28 Feb 2013

Subaru recalls over 600,000 vehicles

Subaru recalls nearly 634,000 vehicles over potential lighting problems that could lead to smoke or fire, according to documents filed with the US National Highway Traffic Safety administration.

The auto-mobile manufacturer, owned by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, is recalling some Forester vehicles from 2009-2012, some Tribeca vehicles from 2006-2012 and all Legacy and Outback vehicles from 2010-2012.

The vehicles are equipped with accessory puddle lights that brighten areas under the door when lit. If exposed to electrolytic moisture sources such as road spray containing salt, a short circuit may develop, causing heat that could melt the plastic, which would lead to smoke or fire.

Subaru will notify owners, who will have an additional harness installed in their vehicles.

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