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Belusconi's PDL to run with Northern League in Italian elections

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Italian party People of Freedom (PDL), which is led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is set to run together with the Northern League in the country's national election.

Berlusconi announced on January 7 that he had reached an agreement with the Northern League to run together in the upcoming elections. As part of a global deal, the PDL will support the League's Roberto Maroni's candidacy for president of the northern region of Lombardy and in return Berlusconi would become the economy minister in a future centre-right government.

The League, which was coalition partner in Berlusconi's last government, supports stringent policies on immigration and favours giving more power and autonomy to Italy's 20 regions.

The former PM said it was still not certain who would be prime minister in a centre-right government. He has, however, said that PDL secretary Angelino Alfano is most likely to take the position, should they win the election.

Berlusconi, who supported Mario Monti's government until December, changed direction and attacked him for re-introducing a controversial property tax on primary residences and promised to reduce income taxes.

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