Mon 14 Jan to Sun 10 Feb 2013

Stolen 'Matisse' to return to Swedish museum

A Henry Matisse painting, which was stolen during a robbery on May 11, 1987, returns to the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. The stolen painting was found by art recovery specialist Charles Roberts in London. 

Le Jardin, estimated at $1 million, was painted by the French impressionist painter in 1920. 

The Art Loss Register (ALR), a database of stolen, missing and looted artwork, has been searching the art market for the painting for the last 22 years. Several attempts were reportedly made to sell the art piece back to the museum for large sums of money. 

"I commend the museum for not giving in to ransom demands a quarter century ago. Stolen artwork has no real value in the legitimate marketplace and will eventually resurface... it's just a matter of waiting it out," said ALR director Christopher Marinello, who has been responsible for recovering stolen art pieces or negotiating settlements in cases involving more than £160 million in looted artwork.

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