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EU Capital of Culture opening ceremony

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  • Marseilles, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Every year since 1985 a different European city is chosen to represent and celebrate the cultural diversity of the region. During a one year period, the capital of culture is meant to organize a series of cultural events that involve the local community and invite visitors to appreciate the richness and diversity of European cultures. 

The Council of the European Union chooses the city designated to celebrate European cultural ties and foster cooperation between cultural operators from the host city and other locations. Since 2011, two cities from different countries are chosen each year to be the cultural capitals of Europe. 

The year-long series of events organized by the host cities are meant to represent the role that those cities have played in the history of European culture, in addition to demonstrating their current involvement in the regions' artistic and cultural life.

Future European Capitals of Culture

The following future European Capitals of Culture have already been designated.

2014 Umeå (Sweden) and Riga (Latvia) (Sweden) and Riga (Latvia)2015 Mons (Belgium) and Plzeň (Czech Republic)
2016 Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain) and Wrocław (Poland)
2017 Aarhus (Denmark) and Paphos (Cyprus)
2018 Valletta (Malta)

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