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Tue 2 Jul 2013

Firefox's ZTE Open makes European debut in Spain

ZTE Open Firefox, the first Firefox OS phone for consumers, makes European debut in Spain.

The handset comes at a price of €69.

According to reports, the phones are set to compete with Google's Android, but only at the lower end of the smartphone market.

Android holds three-quarters of the share in shipments in the smartphone market, but analysts expect Firefox OS to capture 1 percent of the share of global smartphone shipments in 2013.

According to ZTE chief executive Cheng Lixin, the phones could reach the US in 2013 as well. - Mozilla-developed phones to launch in Europe this year on 1970-01-01
- on 2013-07-01 - ZTE Open, the first Firefox OS phone for consumers, launches on 2013-07-01

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