Thu 28 Feb 2013

Appeal session in Georges Abdallah case after postponement

An appeal session related to the release of Lebanese militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is held following its postponement from the original date of January 28.

Abdallah was arrested by French authorities in 1984 and sentenced to life in prison in 1987 for his role in the 1982 assassinations of American Lieutenant Colonel Charles Ray and Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimentov, in Paris.

He was also accused of involvement in the attempted assassination of American consul in Strasbourg Robert O. Homme. The crimes were allegedly committed by Abdallah during the US-assisted Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

Abdallah's family and supporters have argued that the accusations against him were fabricated and that he was held in prison due to US pressure on France. For years they have campaigned for his release. 

"They have been using the judiciary to hide the political reasons behind keeping Abdallah imprisoned. But now, as there is no longer judicial justifications for his imprisonment, politicians are starting direct interference," said the head of the Lebanese Communist Party Khaled Hadadeh.

US Ambassador to France Charles Rivkin opposed granting parole to the terror convict, claiming that he had never expressed remorse and could still pose a threat. - Abdallah to be freed after 28 years in French prison on 2013-01-11

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